Living Your best Life Is An Inside Job...

Release your old emotional pain story. Elevate your Life. Heal your Soul

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Emotional Well Being

Let go of the pain, suffering and invisible walls that keep you small. It no longer serves your highest good. Own your worthiness and know that you matter.

Allow yourself to feel happy, peaceful and loving your magnificent self. Stop being a door mat and set strong boundaries. This is your birthright. Now is the time to WAKE up and take back what is YOURS. 


Physical Health

Build a stronger immune system, have more energy, vitality and youthful vibrancy. Leading science proves the power of your body-mind connection. Heal your emotional/mind, heart and soul to support a healthier, more vibrant you.

Spiritual Growth

Healing your soul, reconnecting to your Higher Self, raising your energetic vibration. Remembering your true I AM.

Somewhere along the way, you've forgotten how amazing, powerful and loved you are. 

You are not alone.


Creating a better relationship with yourself, others and money is all within your power. Stop dreaming, yearning and feeling alone, lonely and broke. Empower yourself now!

You CAN have more!

Step Out of Chaos

Feeling anxious? Overwhelmed? Unhappy? Does your inner critic tell you that you're not good enough?

Do you ever feel alone, misunderstood or stuck?

Or do you find yourself repeating the same destructive and limiting cycles?

Have you reached a brick wall that you can't seem to break past?

If you said, "YES" to any of this, then you're in the right place.

What you need to understand is that...

Letting go of all of this is an inside job. Your unconscious mind, inner child, heart and soul hold the key to unlocking your true birthright...

Abundance, peace, joy and love!

And FREEDOM to reach your fullest potential.

When is a good time for you to let go of the frustration, mental exhaustion...and set yourself free?

Did You Know...

Your Unconscious Mind

Every memory, emotion and experience is recorded and stored in your unconscious/subconscious mind. It holds the secret beliefs that hold you back from your ultimate success, happy relationships and more.

Your Inner Child

Painful experiences from childhood can get stuck in your energy system...leaving a part of you wounded, playing out as if in real time. Often sabotaging you in hopes of "keeping you safe" when in facts it's actually hurting you. Thankfully there are powerful ways to heal and finally live in the present and create a better future.

Your Soul

Your soul is calling you to wake up, step out of the chaos and remember who you really are...reconnect to your Source and your true I AM. 

"On March 5th 2017, I was a 54-year-old raging alcoholic, dope head, narcissist that was slowly killing myself on purpose. I truly wanted to be alone and check out of life. I destroyed relationships with my wife of 23 years, my three kids, siblings and co-workers. My doctor said that I had less than a year to live if I didn’t change my ways. But I didn’t care. I felt like a simmering pile of dung. And that’s putting it nicely. March 7th 2017, the universe decided to put a person in my way, that looking back now, saved my life, relationships with my kids and siblings (siblings are a work in progress) and co-workers. My ex-wife and I are even great friends now. That person’s name was Wendy Lee Baldwin. I deeply thank the universe for her energy, kindness, commitment, and the love within her that confidently worked with the beast that was me. She started helping me slowly open up my heart and begin to heal the dying and wounded parts of my soul. Without her, I would have been dead before the pandemic. Unfortunately, being who I was at the time, though, I destroyed even more relationships that came into my life after meeting Wendy, creating more regrets. It’s fair to say that I was a monster, hell-bent on blowing up everything that was or could have been good and beautiful in my life. She taught me early on that it was up to me to fix myself. It was my unique journey. I could go as fast or slow as I wanted. And I had to take full responsibility for my life, my actions and behavior. I had created the mess that was my life. This was a hard concept for me to understand and accept. Wendy made it clear that she could lead the way and hold my hand, but it was up to me to say, “Yes” and keep showing up for myself. She kept opening up doors and more doors. She opened up doors that I chose to walk through that I didn’t like. While the journey up to this point was extremely painful and ugly, Wendy never judged me. The healing process isn’t an easy path. I didn’t want to face many things that I had done to hurt people and myself. Some things I resisted to look at for a long time. One of the major things that I noticed about Wendy is that she asks questions. More than I care to answer. But tough cookie. She asked me questions to help me get out of the quagmire of hatred, resentment and blame. I hated and still hate the questions but I have to answer to myself and make restitution where possible. With myself. And others. If Wendy had not had the skills, honesty, and belief in me as a human and a soul, I would have given up on myself. It’s going on six years since I was told that I had less than a year to live. I was 245 lbs., on multiple prescriptions and miserable. I’m now down to 210 lbs. and my health hasn’t been this good in decades. I’m still on a journey that I can’t go back on, as in, there is no turning around and going back to the old version of me. I still go to Wendy even though a part of me hates and resists it. Because of her and the work I’ve done so far, I’m now able to find more gratitude in life. My days start with 10 things I’m grateful for. Some days are easier than others to come up with the answers. It’s getting easier though. If you want someone to just be there for you, you WILL resist and resent Wendy at times. She can’t fix you but she will guide you on your path to self-healing. I’m continuing to put the work in, at my pace. It’s not fun. Some days feel like ground zero. If you’re ready to heal your suffering and internal torment, contact Wendy Lee Baldwin. You’ll love her, resent her, hate her…but most of all, be grateful for her and that you had the courage to show up and be open to possibilities. "

Kenneth T.
Grateful Work in Progress

"I've had the pleasure of working with Wendy a few times now and every time has been transformational and very powerful. I am very grateful for the tools that I have learned from working with Wendy and I will be able to use them the rest of my life."

Christie Monson
Youth Coach

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