Ready to Create the Life You Desire?

It's Time to Get Out of Your Own Way!


Your Goals, Dreams and Desires are Within Your Reach

You, my friend, are the creator of your life. You were born with dreams and a yearning for expansion and joy. What you desire is in your awareness and calling out to you for a reason...because you deserve greatness. 

And now is the time to ALLOW this to flow to you.

The only thing that's really stopping yourself from realizing and living a more abundant life is...YOU.

The fears...

The doubts...

The uncertanty...

You control ALL of this. 

 It's time to live abundantly!

3 Things You Need to Succeed

1) A clear knowing of what you desire out of life. Let's be real here...if you don't know where you're going, you won't know which direction to steer your boat.

2) A solid, realistic action plan. Without a plan, you can't build anything of value. And if you are a "pie in the sky" dreamer, you'll beat yourself up when things don't go the way you hoped. 

Then, you'll give up on your dreams and go back into your shell, feeling defeated, sad and unfulfilled.

3) An unshakable support system that can walk you through from beginning to end. Perhaps no one else really sees your vision or really cares about your desires. 

Often, there can be jealousy or feelings of being threatened when you "go outside" someone else's comfort zone. If this happens to you, it can be easy to want to please that other person instead of yourself.

Speaking of comfort zones...getting out of yours can be SCARY and UNCOMFORTABLE!

That's why you need a solid support system to keep the fire lit and walk with you along your journey.

That's Where Coaching Comes In...It's Your Secret Recipe For Success

The right coach will:

- Help you clarify your vision

- Set up realistic action steps.

- Hold you accountable.

- Guide you in clearing out subconscious blocks around your success.

- Get you out of overwhelm, procrastination, silence your fears, and keep you on your path.

 So that you don't stay stuck, frustrated or flounder.

So that you LIVE your purpose, realize your dreams and BE HAPPY.

Contact Me

Hi, I'm Wendy

Being a coach and holistic healing facilitator is what I was born to be. People started coming to me for help long before I earned any sort of certification.

I can honestly say that I'm not like most coaches.

For one, I listen and never tell you what to do. You have all of the answers inside you. Sometimes, you just need help mining them out.

Helping my clients clear subconscious blocks, beliefs and behaviors is one of my superpowers.

 My clients feel good about themselves, their progress and their journey.

Whether you're looking to uplevel your life, break through a glass ceiling, make a big move or simply find a deeper level of happiness, I can help you...

As long as you are ready, willing, able and eager to show up and play full-on.

More Details

This a 3-month action packed, laser focused coaching container. You bring your vision and we'll stratagized your best next moves, remove invisible limiting blocks and set you on your path to success.

This is for you if you are coachable and ready to take action. AND be responsible for your outcomes.

This is NOT for you if you're not fully committed to yourself. Not a team player. Or blame others for your problems.

I do NOT guarantee your success, any income amounts or any other outcomes that you are responsible for.

However, I DO promise to always show up, ready to guide and support you.

The Next Move is up to You

If you are ready to:

- Get off the fence and start designing your life,

- Stop living by default (blowing in the wind),

- Shut down the excuses,

- And live with gusto,

Then contact me now by clicking the blue button below. Tell me about yourself and we'll go from there.



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