Would You Like to "Hit the Reset" Button and Reprogram Your Life for Good?

Experience More Authentic Happiness, Inner Peace and Love?

Live More Consciously, Instead of on Auto Pilot



Sound Impossble?

Well, it's absolutely possible when you know how...

First, does this sound even a little bit like you?...You've struggled with hurtful feelings for as long as you can remember and don't know why or where they are coming from for sure...

But you do know that they are causing you unhappiness.

If so...

Here's the secret...It's because you have deeply buried, unhealed emotional pain. This pain is held by your your sad, anxious, scared, angry, lonely, inner child....

This little, innocent, sweet, beautiful part(s) of you are waiting for you to come back and bring healing. This younger version of you is crying out to feel safe. Loved and accepted.

Starting at Conception

When you access and reconnect with your younger self that’s still holding on to hurtful feelings from long ago, (you may not even know those emotions are there and a part of your unhappiness) you can…

  • Quickly shift your view of the world from a place that’s unfair, lacking and dangerous to one of possibilities and empowerment
  • Lighten your emotional load by letting go of old feelings and beliefs that aren’t even yours
  • Clear your path to a happier life by seeing life through a fresh perspective
  • Have more energy
  • Feel more love towards yourself and others
  • Experience less stress
  • Start to set and hold boundaries 
  • Feel more welcome and secure in life
  • Be in control of your life instead of circumstances controling you
  • Let go of your parents fears/ancestral fears


From Your Beginning

Science proves that at the very moment of your miraculous conception, you not only took on your parents’ genetic code for eye color, hair texture, skin tone, and height, you also took on something invisible…

 Their emotional state. Beliefs about themselves and their model of the world. Fears. And more.

This is where your programming started.

Do you know…were you created in a moment of deep love and passion? Or was there more of a sense of duty, resistance, or detachment?

If your mother and/or father felt happy, sad, mad, glad, fearful or stressed, (or whatever else they felt) you picked this up and took it on through energetic imprinting at the moment of your conception.  

Your body and mind created “memories” from the emotions.

Throughout your fetal development, you also took on your mother’s feelings and reactions to life. If she was happy, then she passed on the feeling of happiness to you.

If she felt scared or unsafe, she passed that on to you too.

Money worries? Yep. Passed those on.

As crazy as it may sound, what you absorbed from your well-meaning parents while in the womb could possibly still be dictating your behaviors, driving your beliefs and influencing your overall wellbeing.

Your health – emotionally and physically.

Not to mention…how you feel about life.

And yourself.

…Making it hard for you to find that inner peace, love and connection to a happy life that you yearn for but can never really find. It’s as if it’s always just out of reach. Sort of like an apple on a branch that’s too high to grab.

Or something hidden behind a veil. You can sense it, but not see it. Or grasp it.

Hear this...If you ever feel unworthy, anxious, lack confidence, worry about money. Have unexplained anger, feel rejected or out of control…there is hope and a way to help you feel better.

You see, more than likely, what you feel actually started in the womb.

Or after birth, during your critical first years of bonding and attaching to your mother or other primary caregiver.

Perhaps your mother or father weren't there for you emotionally or physically and you didn't really bond in a healthy way.

A way that made you feel safe, wanted and loved.

Sound crazy or impossible? Of course, it does…that is, if you’re not familiar with something really cool about yourself.


Case Study: Marsha*

In her early 70's, Martha discovered that her patterns of distrust in love and relationships, her fears of rejection and feeling abandoned in marriage started right after birth,

She didn't bond and attach to her mother in a healthy way because her mom was emotionally unavailable.

Her need for love was met by anger, sadness and feeling alone. She started life with the fight or flight survival instinct. As well as learning to numb herself early on.

After going and and bringing healing to her tender beginnings, she started to feel compassion for her overloaded mother and started the forgiving process. 

Listen to This...

Science proves that we are all energetic beings and we absorb the energy around us. Everything is energy and emits a vibration. This includes energy of emotions, beliefs and values. As well as views of the world.

You can easily become imprinted with your parent’s (often dysfunctional/unhealthy) model of their world. And “make them yours.”

You can even take on old family trauma from your ancestors.

What this means for you is that your feelings of abandonment, lost or alone, anxious, fearful, trapped, shameful, angry, sad…

May have started with your grandparents that were just a microscopic blip themselves…

Wow! That can be a heavy load of CRAP (chaos, restriction, anger and poverty mindset), baggage, chaos…whatever you choose to call it… for such a tiny, innocent Being that’s about as wide as a strand of hair!

As you can see, you had no control over any of this!

Side note: Sometimes a predisposition for addictions like alcohol and eating disorders can start before you were born too.

So, it’s NOT your fault!


Riding the Waves of Your Past

You might be wondering, “What can I do about this?” or “How do I fix this?”

Or, “Am I just screwed? Destined for a life of craziness, feeling empty on the inside or out of control?



Here’s what you can do…

Again, you are pure energy. So is time. Actually, some say that time is an illusion. It’s fluid.

With that in mind, through simple processes, you have the power to “go back in time” and access your younger self. Even starting at conception. (For those interested, you can go even further back to past lives and pre-life planning.)

When you tap into your emotional imprinting you can easily access the memories that your body and mind and heart created and stored from decades past.

This might all sound quite “woo-woo” but that’s ok. Modern science, as well as other leading experts in the field have backed this up for decades.

How This Hurts You

The constrictive emotions, limiting beliefs and painful experiences from your parents that you picked up at conception as well as throughout your fetal development, birth and exposure after birth are critical.

They are directly and indirectly playing a role in your happiness, success and life satisfaction.

Behavior patterns can be formed here. Look at your relationships. Money patterns. And overall health.

Associations between something that is supposed to be positive can actually have a negative emotional connection to it. For example, unless your parents had a healthy understanding of what love really is, and felt great about themselves, you could pick up the association that love equals hurt or rejection.

This all can wreak havoc on you. Because you’re unknowingly carrying around other people’s problems and by default, making them your own.


What You Can Do About It...

The great news is that YOU have the power to “go back” and identify and let go of your parent’s and ancestral influences.

That’s what makes Healings from the Womb: A New Beginning important for you right now and for your future.

 It’s a powerful foundational program designed to help you start creating a better life.

You can start “clearing out the CRAP” and set your mind, heart and soul free from what “isn’t yours.”

It’s the mindset of instead of putting a temporary fix on a problem, go to the source of the problem and resolve it.


Who I Am...

Hi, I’m Wendy Lee Baldwin Hargett, Personal Empowerment Leader, certified holistic healing facilitator and author of Healing Your Soul in a Chaotic World: Defying the Odds of Sanity and Survival.

I first became aware of healing your inner child, even from the womb, early in my journey to self-preservation. I used to battle with anxiety, depression and wanting to die. I felt like God’s biggest mistake. Self-loathing followed me everywhere.

My birth mother was beaten by my birth father when I was in the womb. Plus, I had a very traumatic birth and was whisked away from my mother before she could see or hold me.

As a developing fetus and newborn, I picked up on my mother’s hatred towards my birth father, as well as her fears and stresses. Life was really hard for her and I took some of this on myself.

My maternal line had an ancestral pattern of giving away or abandoning daughters. My mother, against her will, had to give me up for adoption as an infant.

All of those early experiences greatly affected my self-worth, my nervous system and feeling unsafe. Which set me up for dis-ease as I grew older.

I developed attachment and bonding issues that played a role in all of my relationships.

That is until I discovered the power of holistic healing. That’s when I was able to “go back” and release the trauma that I didn’t know was stored inside of me. And replace the old hurt with compassion, forgiveness, peace, love and joy.

Now I help others do the same. And it’s powerful!


Case Study: Tisha*

Tasha was getting ready to step into a bigger business arena and she felt as if something was holding her back. Something bigger than the normal fear of getting out of your comfort zone.

What came up for her was a long line of ancestral trauma, especially for the women, their self-worth and ability to shine.

Tasha not only let go of her ancestral trauma, she also brought healing for her genetic line, herself and her children.

She went on to stand in her power, feeling fully supported by generations past. Her event was a success and she continued to uplevel herself and become a public example of feminine empowerment.

There's More to Your Start in Life

The relationship you developed with mother, father, siblings or as an only child greatly influenced you throughout life.

Did you feel rejected by one or both of your parents? Were you made to feel like a burden instead of a blessing?

Was there jealousy from an older brother or sister?

What pressures were put on you as an only child? Often, it’s the expectation to be more mature than you are capable of being. Or a parent living vicariously through you, in hopes that you fulfill a need for validation within themselves.

All of these factors play a major role in your self-worth, your parenting style, the partnership and friendships that you attract and engage in.

Overall, there are six key areas from the beginning of your life that are impacting you now. All six are covered in my one-on-one Healings from the Womb: A New Beginning program.


#1 - Conceptions, in Utero, and Ancestral

From conception to egg attachment, to the full fetal development process carries the possibility of emotional suffering that isn’t even yours.

  • Let go of your mother and father’s feelings about themselves and their world at the moment of your conception and replace with love, compassion and happiness.
  • Remove energetic ancestral influences to money issues, persecutions (war, holocaust, witch burning, famine, slavery) or other trauma.
  • Explore family patters of abuse, addiction, unworthiness and more.
  • Free yourself of your mother’s worries, anxieties, anger, fears and more that you absorbed in the womb.
  • Resolve the effects of a toxic environment if your mother smoked, drank alcohol or ate poorly.
  • Heal the loneliness or abandonment feelings if you are a surviving twin or the “phantom twin” if an embryo died early on before detection.


Brain bender: Science shows that you were actually inside your grandmother! How? You, as an egg, started inside your mother. Your mother, as an egg, started inside your grandmother.

Whatever was going on in your grandmother’s life affected her reproductive system (women tend to store more emotions there) and that was absorbed by the eggs in her ovaries.

That means your mother, as an egg, may have taken on Grandma’s CRAP and inadvertently passed it on to you.

Wow, wild, right?! That’s only one example of potential inherited ancestral trauma.

Heal this and start replacing other people’s constrictive emotions with love, peace and compassion.


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Birthing Process

Hopefully, your mother had a nice, easy, breezy delivery experience with you. However, even if everything went well medically, there is the possibility that you still carry emotional wounds.

  • Feel safer, more secure and welcomed into this lifetime.
  • Let go of any worries from doctors or other medical staff that may have been projected during delivery.
  • Free yourself on your mother’s worries or your fears during the decent of the birthing process and your first appearance.
  • Establish a solid connection with Mom at first sight for a healthy start to your bonding process.
  • Heal feelings of abandonment, fear or confusion as a newborn.
  • Feel connected to life.


Heal this and begin to feel safer, welcomed and celebrated for being born.


Birth to Early Childhood: Attachment and Bonding

Your early experiences with attaching and bonding to your mother or other primary caregiver sets the path for your entire life.

  • Create the feeling of connection to life even if your mother wasn’t able to fully bond with you.
  • Build self-esteem be remembering how amazing and important you are.
  • Feel safer by establishing new bonding and attachments with yourself, Source/God and life.
  • Start building a foundation around trust.
  • Shift your scary and dangerous view of the world to one that is safer and more expansive.
  • Stop sabotaging loving relationships


Heal this and start forming healthier relationships with yourself and others, claim your worthiness, foster more self-acceptance and stop inadvertently blowing up your happiness.

Your Mother

Your mother is the first, most important relationship of your life. You carry her early perceptions and treatment of you everywhere you go. You start off seeing her and yourself “as one.”

Did you feel loved, wanted and nurtured? Or more like a burden or a misfit?

  • Explore the dynamics between you and Mom and restore unresolved issues that are affecting your self-esteem.
  • Identify habits, beliefs or views from your mother that don’t serve you and limit your happiness.
  • View life from an adult perspective rather than from an innocent, vulnerable baby.
  • Heal issues that affect your relationship with your children.
  • Break harmful cycles inherited from Mom.

Heal this and you start loving and nurturing yourself, call back your power and start embracing your relationship to Source.


Your Father


Your relationship with your father is the second most important one you’ll have and the implications of the dynamics are big.

  • Repattern your relationship around men.
  • Identify and transform your views of the ideal father and give yourself what’s missing.
  • Let go of Dad’s anger, feelings of rejection if he was absent and step into your value.
  • Stop seeking validation and approval from others that you wished you got from Dad.
  • Feel safer, more loved and valued.


Heal this and you’ll build your self-worth, Improve your boundaries, stop looking outside yourself for approval. And realize that you are lovable and worthy of loving relationships.


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Your Siblings or Only Child

Brothers and sisters can begin to develop a love-hate relationship starting from the day you came home from the hospital. Patterns of jealousy, rejection and feeling alone can start here.

  • Bring healing to jealousy you felt from your older brother or sister.
  • Let go of sibling rivalry that started from day one.
  • Feel more secure in your place in the world.
  • Establish a healthier connection between you and your siblings.
  • Release the pressure you felt to grow up faster, achieve milestones or fulfill your parent’s expectations and simply honor yourself.
  • Begin to feel more confident and competent with simply being you.

Heal this and let go of unnecessary pressure that you or others put upon you or start building a healthier relationship with your siblings. And let go of hurtful feelings towards you.


Case Study: Chrissy*

In her 50's, Christa couldn't even begin to shake the feeling of overwhelm and disappointment.

She struggled with feeling cranky, overworked  and like an emotional roller coaster.

Her fighting instinct ran the show and wore her out.

What she discovered was that she picked up these feelings and behaviors from her mother, literally a lifetime ago.

Once she realized that the energy of her mother was still controling her, she brought healing to the situation and let go of the energy that wasn't hers.

She forgave herself and felt a sense of relief and started feeling better about life.


The Next Step

As you can see, healing from the time you were a tiny spark, will have a HUGE impact on your overall ability to feel happy, secure, peaceful and free.

You’ll be free from the emotional load that you’ve carried around long enough. You’ll feel better. Look better and act better. Guaranteed.

If you’re ready to

  • Gain control of your emotional well-being and step into a happier YOU…
  • Let go of old heavy feelings that aren’t even yours that are blocking you from a better life…
  • Have a deeper sense of peace…
  • Feel safer and more secure…
  • Stop sabotaging yourself…
  • Feel welcomed and know that you belong in this lifetime…
  • Develop more compassion for yourself and others…
  • Understand and appreciate your parents more – and possibly forgive them…
  • And step into your power… 

Then, it's time for you to reclaim your power and hit the reset button!

Healings from the Womb: A New Beginning 

This is a…

  • Six-week one-on-one program by invite only. Request a consultation.
  • You get six sessions total, covering one key area each week.
  • Plus, during this time, you’ll have ongoing private access to me via Voxer on your cell phone. You can ask questions, get guidance and stay connected.

There is limited space due to personal attention. Each session is customized for your needs. You control the process. The more open you are, the more you’ll get out of it.

Healings from the Womb: A New Beginning is a great foundational starting point to stand in your power and have a happier life.

It’s like a fresh start. It doesn’t change your past, but it does give you a new perspective.

It's your reset button.

…One that opens the door for you to step into your path for empowered conscious living.

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Case Study: Marcella*

Marzella struggled with feeling loved and wanted. She discovered that her mother became sick while pregnant with her.

The energy from the illness presented itself as a dark energy and she felt as if something was trying to prevent her from being born.

She felt unsafe.

Thus the feeling of being the black sheep of the family set in and clouded her view of herself and the world.

Once she connected with her fetal self, she quickly brought healing to the situation and felt a sense of joy that she had not previously experienced.


My Guarantee...

When you step up and show up for yourself...

When you decide that you are tired of tolerating what isn't working for you any more...

When you decide to "hit the reset button" and start living an empowered life...

You WILL begin to have more authentic happiness.

You WILL begin to have more inner peace.

You WILL begin to give and receive more love.

It's up to you though.

Are you ready? If so, let's connect.

*Names changed for case studies

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